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In fact, experiencing a variety of music is healthy

It’s an idea that’s been bandied about before, but it sounds like the Forest Service might be getting serious about getting a handle on foot traffic on the much traveled area, where as many as 10,000 hikers make the trek to the mountain top each summer. All that foot traffic is taking a toll on the environment and the visitor experience. Dozens of disparate trails crisscross the lower slopes of the mountain, according to Sabo, and the upper trail is as wide as 40 feet in some places where it has been packed down by the constant traffic.

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cheap jerseys There is no date set for Phase 3, which would mean reopening hotels, full service dining and ranger programs. Pavlina Trauskeova / ShutterstockThe reopening plan looks to evaluate “high congestion areas to determine what actions may be appropriate.” Said actions would include additional signage, parking considerations, one way traffic on boardwalks, and visitor spacing at public restrooms. It continued: “The park may also actively manage high congestion areas by limiting the number of vehicles and/or people entering a specific area.”. cheap jerseys

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