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0 assets from an arms length party

In a statement, the company said 2019 cheap jerseys nba was a “transformative year” for AgraFlora, bookended by “accretive acquisitions.” As a result, AgraFlora increased its equity stake to 70% in its Propagation Services Canada joint venture, which houses the firm’s 2.2 million square foot Delta Greenhouse Facility.The Delta Greenhouse Facility is a semi open Venlo greenhouse, considered one of the most technically advanced and environmentally friendly greenhouse operations in the world.Additionally, the company completed the acquisition of a portfolio of cannabis 2.0 assets from an arms length party, underpinned by a 51,500 square foot GMP certified Winnipeg Edibles Manufacturing Facility.Over the past year, AgraFlora said it collected a slew of high margin cannabis 2.0 and downstream assets, infrastructure and brands which include: A Canadian GMP certified Bottling Facility; Canadian organic cannabis sativa seed oil cosmetics manufacturer, Canutra Naturals Limited; North American and Asia Pacific CBD performance products manufacturing and distribution agreements; A library of patented cannabis 2.0 product formulations; Patented, pharmaceutical grade and hermetically sealed beverage dispensing technology; A diversified portfolio of 57 distinct, high value cannabis product and service trademarks; and An exclusive cannabinoid infused beverage brewing agreement with a prominent Canadian brewing collective.”2019 was a transformational year https://www.2013nfljerseyschina.com for AgraFlora and one that saw the company evolve from a domestic cultivator to a vertically integrated, international cannabis company,” said AgraFlora Organics CEO Brandon Boddy.A Top Five Canadian licensed producerThe CEO said the Delta Greenhouse Facility will catapult the company into “a top five” Canadian licensed producer.”When coupled with our scalable, cannabis 2.0 manufacturing capabilities it equips us with an opportunity to leverage our existing asset portfolio and licensed infrastructure to generate high margin cash flows, while capturing defendable market share,” said Boddy.”As we begin to execute on our profit focused 2020 blueprint, we continue to receive unrivalled support from our best in class joint venture partners and industry consultants,” he added.The AgraFlora boss said the company was gearing up for another “pivotal year” in 2020, as all facilities reach full production capacity, and the firm’s products penetrate the legal cannabis domestic and international markets.The company reported “substantial progress” linked to retrofit and construction initiatives at its Winnipeg Edibles Facility during 2019. Construction is likley to be completed at the Winnipeg facility during the first quarter of 2020, said the company.During fourth quarter, AgraFlora also announced the start of a retrofit to seven of the non core operating buildings at its New Brunswick cannabis campus.The company plans to pursue the processing of EU GMP compliant cannabis products from its flagship Delta Greenhouse Facility for integration into its European distribution channels. EU GMP certified cannabis products are cheap jerseys nba eligible for import/export and sale in the European Union.On October 25, Vancouver based AgraFlora acquired The Good Company, the parent company of German medical cannabis distributor, Farmako GmbH.Farmako is a leading European medical cannabis distributor, headquartered in Frankfurt, with affiliated companies in the United Kingdom, Luxembourg and Denmark.

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